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The synergy company, Multi VitaMin - 60 Tablets

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Wellness Made Simple

Supports your vital nutritional foundation with a full spectrum of whole-food nutrients
• Delivers a highly bioavailable form of vitamins, minerals & cofactors made with organic vegetables and fruits
• Just two tablets daily provide 200% of your essential vitamins and 100% of your trace minerals
• Activated with enzymes and probiotics for enhanced bioavailability; can be taken with or without food and is gentle on the most sensitive stomachs
• Made with Certified Organic Ingredients; Non-GMO, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free

Our vitamins are made with wholesome organic veggies and fruits, then activated with enzymes and probiotics for enhanced bioavailability. Like food, they’re perfectly compatible with your body and gentle on your tummy. Plus they provide a bonus synergy of vital, whole-food co-factors. With all the essentials to build your health foundation, our 2-a-day Multi Vita•Min makes wellness simple.

Health Benefits
•Supports your vital nutritional foundation with a full spectrum of whole-food vitamins and minerals
•Provides essential support for healthy aging
•Contains B vitamins to support healthy mood and cognition
•Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D3 for healthy bones
•An abundance of naturally occurring amino acids, proteins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients for optimal health
•Vitamins A, C, E for healthy eyes and skin
•Trace minerals for healthy cellular and metabolic balance

A Nourishing Alternative To Synthetic Multivitamins (for less than your daily cup of coffee!)

Taking good care of yourself doesn’t have to be complicated. Two tablets daily of our whole-food multi delivers the foundational nutrients essential for your ongoing health and well-being. Multi VitaMin offers a complete and balanced blend of essential nutrients made with organic ingredients — 200% of your RDA for vitamins and 100% for minerals. What’s more, each tablet not only contains vitamins and minerals, but also an assortment of natural enzymes, flavonoids, proteins, and other cofactors that coexist in living whole food. This means you get a perfectly complete package of nutrients naturally created to support your optimal well-being. With an effective, whole-food multi as easy as this, there’s no excuse for not attending to your foundational health needs.

Directions 2 tablets daily with or without food.

Ingredients Whole-Food Vitamins & Minerals: Vitamin A** (as beta-carotene with full spectrum carotenoids), Vitamin C**, Vitamin D3**, Vitamin E**, Vitamin K1*, Vitamin K2, Thiamin (B1)**, Riboflavin (B2)**, Niacinamide (B3)**, Vitamin B6**, Folate*, Vitamin B12*, Biotin*, Pantothenic Acid**, Iodine**, Zinc**, Selenium*, Copper**, Manganese**, Chromium (GTF)*, Molybdenum*. Other Ingredients: Organic Barley Grass, Organic Gum Acacia, Certified Organic Vegetable Tablet Coating (Pullulan). Contains: Organic Fermented Soy. *Certified Organic; **Made with Certified Organic Ingredients

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