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Rise 'N Shine Online - Raw African Black Soap - 16 oz

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GENUINE AFRICAN BLACK SOAP - Most African Black Soap isn't authentic or homemade like ours. Because black soap has become popular, a number of companies are producing low-quality black soap with artificial dyes, colorings and other additives. Ours comes directly in a bulk 1lb bar that's 100% organic with no additives or dye!

ALL-NATURAL - Our African black soap is imported directly from Ghana and is homemade using only raw ingredients including dried plantain skins, palm leaves, shea butter, coconut oil, cocoa pod powder and palm kernel oil for an all-natural cleansing process. This multi-purpose soap can be used solely as a face wash, daily body wash or even turned into liquid bathroom soap!

CONSIDERED TOP FACIAL SOAP CLEANSER - African black soap cleanses the skin by stripping away the harmful oils and bacteria off the skin but without harsh chemicals. This not your regular run-of-the-mill antibacterial grocery store soap bars. Due to the powerful cleansing nature of this product, ensure to follow up each use with a moisturizer or lotion. We recommend using one of our body butters; find them by clicking our store name next to the product title!

WANT TO GET RID OF YOUR ACNE, WRINKLES, OR SIGNS OF AGING? WORKS ON ANY SKIN TYPE - Tired of the products that are all hype and don't work? Smooth and repair your skin, plus reduce wrinkles and fight aging the natural way! You won't be disappointed. Raw African soap can even be used to help repair sun damage, eczema, psoriasis and many similar skin conditions.


Not just you're average, everyday bar soap, black soap is known as quite the wonder product! Raw African black soap works by cleansing the skin but without harsh chemicals and is not your regular run-of-the-mill antibacterial grocery store soap containing artificial ingredients and additives. African Black Soap is made from plantain skin blended in with pure kernel oil. It is a natural source of vitamins A & E and iron. In our recipe, we also use cocoa pods (the shell of the cocoa fruit) and pure shea butter to achieve a formula to leave your skin feeling soft. For centuries, black soap has been used in West Africa to help achieve beautiful skin. Just recently have Americans found black soap and come to realize the benefits in relieving acne, oily skin, blemishes, rashes and various other skin conditions. This soap is not scented or fragranced with artificial perfumes but has a natural scent. No matter what African tribe produces it, black soap is 100% natural and vegan.

HOW DO I IDENTIFY TRUE BLACK SOAP? The true recipe of African Black Soap is a well kept secret by the original makers, so unless the recipe is given to a company, there is no way that manufacturer can produce traditional African Black Soap. The fake soap is hard, very black and has no inherent benefit to the skin at all. Traditional black soap, even when cut into bar form, is rarely smooth or uniform in shape and ranges in color anywhere from light brown to a darker brown. When you first pick up the soap, you'll notice that it's firm but not hard like traditional soaps and if you drop it, it will easily crumble into large chunks.

Cut a smaller bar size piece for use. Lather in the hands after getting it wet. Apply to any part of the body you want cleaned, or treated. Rinse & Repeat as desired.
Ingredients Palm Oil, Cocoa Pod, Palm Kernel Oil, Coconut Oil, Unrefined Shea Butter, Plantain Skin Ash, Purified Water, Natural Vitamin E, Natural Sodium.

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