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Pure Encapsulations, Electrolyte/Energy Formula (stick packs) - 30 Packets

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Our products are nothing but pure. Produced locally, our dietary supplements are formulated with premium raw ingredients and are scientifically tested to ensure that each ingredient and final product meets our quality standards.

At Pure Encapsulations, we manufacture hypoallergenic, research-based dietary supplements that are designed to deliver predictable and desired results. We are committed to sourcing pure, premium ingredients and working with experienced healthcare professionals to create safe and effective dietary supplements to help you achieve optimal health.

Based on your healthcare practitioner’s medical guidance, we help provide you with the tools and dietary supplements you need to achieve your health and wellness goals. To purchase our products, you must obtain a fulfillment code from your practitioner.

We source premium raw materials from trusted industry leaders, including the finest suppliers from the U.S., France, Japan, Switzerland, Germany and Italy. All ingredients are tested for purity and potency by independent certified laboratories. Ingredient suppliers must meet rigorous testing and quality criteria to qualify as a Pure Encapsulations supplier

Electrolyte and unique carbohydrate blend with cofactors for physical and mental endurance*

  • Combines sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium to replenish electrolytes lost during exercise; to support muscle function, retains hydration and lessen the perception of exertion*
  • Provides rapidly available energy sources to spare glycogen stores and to delay fatigue; Cluster Dextrin® offers a unique rapidly absorbed carbohydrate designed to sustain energy availability for enhanced endurance*
  • Supports peak ATP production with the precursor ribose to promote rapid energy repletion during intense exercise*
  • Includes vitamin C to protect muscles from free radicals generated during exercise and to enhance tissue recovery*

Electrolyte/Energy formula (stick packs) provides a balanced mix of electrolytes and unique carbohydrates combined with d-ribose and vitamin C to optimize physical and mental stamina.*


Direction of use : Take one stick pack mixed with 8–10 oz water, 20 minutes before intense exercise, or as directed by a health professional.

Supplemental Facts

Servings Per Container: 30

Take one stick pack mixed with 8–10 oz water, 20 minutes before intense exercise, or as directed by a health professional.


Serving Size: 9.9 g (1 stick pack)

Amount Per Serving
calories ... 30
total carbohydrates ... 8g
sugars ... 3g
vitamin C ... 100mg
(as ascorbic acid)
calcium ... 50mg
(as calcium citrate)
magnesium ... 50mg
(as magnesium citrate)
chloride ... 150mg
(from sodium chloride)
sodium ... 100mg
(from sodium chloride)
potassium ... 50mg
(as potassium phosphate)
d-ribose ... 200mg
malic acid ... 100mg

other ingredients: Cluster dextrin® highly branched cyclic dextrin, glucose, natural lemon and lime flavors

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