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OncoQOL - ZingiQOL - 100 Gelcaps

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OncoQOL ZingiQOL eases occasional nausea and promotes healthy digestion.  ZingiQOL is a potent ginger extract, containing 25-percent gingerols and shogaols. Although potent, it is provided in a small, easy-to-swallow gelcap.

ZingiQOL promotes healthy peristalsis. Studies indicate ginger provides benefit for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting (CINV), pregnancy-induced nausea, motion sickness, post-surgical nausea and vomiting, and gastroprotection from potentially irritating agents.

Pressurized super-critical CO2 extraction separates the pure plant essence from the rest of the plant matrix, leaving only a clear aromatic extract. Super-critical CO2 extraction guarantees purity, potency, and stability. This process preserves the botanical’s beneficial characteristics without degrading active botanical ingredients or leaving behind solvent residues. •Small - easy to swallow •Purity, potency, and stability - guaranteed with super-critical CO2 extraction •Powerful, fast-acting, and effective

Thorne's Commitment to Purity Practitioners have become accustomed to seeing the vague "We use only the purest ingredients" in the promotional materials of almost every dietary supplement company. Perhaps these companies truly believe that. Perhaps they don't know any better. Nevertheless, Thorne Research, for more than 25 years, has been the standard by which companies in the industry are judged for product purity. Practitioners rely on Thorne as the companythey trust for their extremely allergic, chemically sensitive, and immune-compromised patients.

Purity Takes Extra Effort For example, instead of purchasing prediluted vitamin D, as other companies do, Thorne performs its own dilution to avoid detrimental ingredients, such as the preservatives or lactose that are found in many commercially available dilutions.

Ingredients You Don't Want Magnesium Stearate: Good for speed-hungry encapsulating machines. Not necessarily good for you. Manufacturing encapsulated dietary supplements isn't easy. Pure powdered ingredients are difficult to mix because they are either extremely dry, sticky with botanical oils, or attract unwanted moisture. So most manufacturers add magnesium stearate and other agents such as lactose and dextrose to make the powder flow quickly and easily through their high-volume machines. Problem is, these additives may compromise the bioavailability of the nutrients in the supplement, and might cause allergenic problems. At Thorne, they take a different approach.

Thorne will never utilize large fatty acid excipients in its manufacturing processes - ingredients such as magnesium stearate or stearic acid. These excipients are utilized as flowing agents to ensure that maximum productivity is obtained from capsuling and tableting machines. There are documented detrimental effects directly attributed to long chain fatty acids utilized as manufacturing flowing agents. Every qualified pharmaceutical compounder recognizes that large fatty acids, such as magnesium stearate, can interfere with product dissolution and influence absorption. Virtually all companies, because of the economic impact, ignore this data. As with most industries, the bottom line dictates the level of quality. The dietary supplement industry has one exception: Thorne Research, the company that does not compromise. Nevertheless, if a company cannot manufacture products without using detrimental excipients, they should not allude to being either "hypoallergenic" or "pure."

Take 1 gelcap two times daily or as recommended by your health-care practicioner.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: One Gelcap
 Amount Per Serving%DV
Ginger extract (root, rhizome)   (Zingiber officinale)40 mg*
*Daily Value (DV) not established.

Other Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Gelatin (bovine), Purified Water and Glycerin (vegetable source) gelcap.

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