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Kowa - Vantelin Taping Socks

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KOWA vantelin support SOCKS type pair with commentary Vantelin from taping with evolution supporters! It is to support the daily taping with evolution supporters. The ankle shake taping "structure, and lift the Arch of the foot.

Toe room and, hopelessly easy to twist it stabilizes the taping knitting resolution structure of the heel cup. Socks type thing to make walking easier when walking ankle pain and fatigue relief, aimed at the supporters are.

Choose reference about the size I usually wear sock size. We recommend larger appropriate to the size of the two.

Warning If you experience any of the following, discontinue use and consult your healthcare professional.
1. Sprain, fracture or ligament injury
2. Peripheral vascular disorder
3. Abnormality such as injury, blotchiness, rash at site where support is to be worn, or chronic dermatitis/allergy to chemical textile rubber.

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