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Fairhaven Health OvaCue Fertility Monitor

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OvaCue Predicts PLUS Confirms Ovulation!   The OvaCue Fertility Monitor consists of a hand-held monitor with a color screen, a saliva sensor, and a cervical mucus sensor - the ideal combination for pinpointing your most fertile days in your cycle and for confirming when ovulation occurred. Take the guesswork out of your fertility by seamlessly reading and tracking your body's biology clues with OvaCue Fertility Monitor and the companion software from OvaGraph. Women who know when they are fertile have a higher chance of getting pregnant during that cycle. Don't let another month pass you by!

Recommended by fertility specialists • Simple to use and mess free with no additional purchases necessary • Track your cycle daily with the calendar-view display • Predict your ovulation up to 5-7 days in advance and display ovulation date • Easily upload data from your monitor to using USB cable (provided with purchase

8 Key Benefits

•Up to 7 days advance notice to plan some fun for your baby dancing!

•Zero recurring costs for urine test sticks or charting subscriptions.

•Works for women with irregular cycles and PCOS too.

•Quick and easy - testing takes only a few seconds each day.

•Share your charts with your OBGYN and the TTC community - works in conjunction with OvaGraph, the official charting tool of Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

•World class customer service and support - comes with 1 year warranty.

•Technology shown to be over 98% accurate in NIH-funded studies.

•Easily upload your data to OvaGraph using USB cable (included).   How It Works

The OvaCue is a monitor that measures changes in the electrolyte levels in your saliva and cervical mucus that are impacted by the hormone estrogen. Simply place the oral sensor on your tongue daily and the OvaCue will record a reading of the electrolyte resistance in your saliva. The monitor will track trends in these readings, looking to identify a specific trend (called the “Cue Peak) that marks the beginning of your fertile window. Once this trend is detected, the monitor will color-in the calendar with varying shades of blue (from light to dark), indicating low to peak fertility, and providing 5-7 days advance notice of ovulation. With several days advance notice of ovulation, you are able to increase your chances of conception. The OvaCue keeps track of your current cycle day and current fertility status — and it stores up to 4 months of readings.

Once you begin use of the vaginal sensor, the monitor is able to track trends in the vaginal readings to determine when your body switches from estrogen dominance to progesterone dominance, the clue it uses to confirm that ovulation occurred.* As you move through your fertile window, signified by the blue days on the calendar, the monitor will be tracking the vaginal readings closely so that it can detect the trend it is looking for to confirm ovulation. Once this trend is detected, the monitor will display a pink box, indicating “ovulation confirmed”. In some cases, depending on the specific hormonal fluctuations of the user, the monitor will also display a purple box two or more days following the pink box, which also indicates “ovulation confirmed.” Please note that when both a pink and purple box are displayed on the calendar during a cycle, interpretation of actual reading data may be required to determine whether ovulation occurred with the pink box or with the purple box.  *Note: Vaginal ultrasound is the only method available that confirms ovulation with 100% accuracy. With the OvaCue, we can detect specific trends which indicate ovulation. Even with the display of the pink or purple box, we do recommend you continue to interpret your data to confirm that ovulation occurred successfully. Works for Irregular Cycles and PCOS and Here's Why

The OvaCue is used successfully by women with irregular cycles and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). While other fertility monitors predict ovulation based on the attainment of a pre-determined level of a given hormone (either luteinizing hormone, estrogen, or a combination of the two), the OvaCue has no predetermined level set — rather, it interprets each reading in your cycle in relation to your previous readings. OvaCue doesn't look for a specific reading based on statistical averages, it looks for an overall trend in your body's own unique readings. This method of ovulation determination is particularly suitable for women with irregular cycles since a hormonal imbalance may prevent you from reaching a predetermined hormone level prior to ovulation.

For women with highly irregular cycles, it may also be necessary to interpret actual reading data (in addition to looking at the color coding on the screen of the monitor), to accurately determine your fertility status. Irregular cycles are commonly caused by hormonal imbalances. For women with a hormonal imbalance, ovulation may occur before or after the predicted time frame that the saliva sensor provides. If you happen to ovulate earlier then the oral sensor predicted — the cervical mucus sensor will be able to notify you if ovulation is actually occurring sooner. This is also the case if ovulation is occurring later than the oral reading had originally predicted.

Seamlessly View Your Chart Across Devices

With your purchase of the OvaCue Fertility Monitor, you will also receive free, unlimited access to OvaGraph  a full-featured fertility charting tool that allows you to store, graph, and print your OvaCue readings. To get the most from your OvaCue monitor, we encourage charting with OvaGraph to allow the OvaCue Specialists at Fairhaven Health to assist with interpretation of OvaCue readings, whenever necessary. Uploading your OvaCue readings to your OvaGraph account is quick and easy. Once you've created your account at, simply plug the USB cord included with your purchase into your OvaCue monitor and into your computer. Your readings will be transferred automatically to your graphs at OvaGraph. If you have the OvaGraph app loaded on your mobile device, you will be able to view all the same data no matter whether you are on desktop/laptop, tablet or smart phone.

Recommended by fertility specialists
• Simple to use and mess free with no additional purchases necessary
• Track your cycle daily with the calendar-view display
• Predict your ovulation up to 5-7 days in advance and display ovulation date
• Easily upload data from your monitor to using USB cable (provided with purchase

Which Ovulation Prediction and Detection Method is Right for You?

Comparison of Ovulation Predictors

Key BenefitsOvaCueUrine-based MonitorsOV WatchLH Urine Test (OPKs)Basal Body Temp (BBT)
Advance Notice of Ovulation5-7    days1-5    days 11-4    days0-24    hoursNone
Provides Complete Fertility Window 2YesNoNoNoNo
Accuracy Level98%73% 166%94% 374%
Confirms OvulationYesNoNoNoYes

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