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Daiwa Health Development, MGN-3 500mg - 50 Vegetarian Capsules

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Arming the Immune System with MGN-3. The old saying "The best defense is a good offense," true in sports, is proving to be true in medical science as well. Recent studies at Charles Drew University of Medicine and Science in Los Angeles have shown that a natural supplement called MGN-3 can more than triple Natural Killer (NK) cell activity and enhance T- and B- cell function better than any other vitamin, herbal or medicinal mushroom therapies tested. These cells are the primary constituents of the immune system, the body's defense against invaders and disease.

Recently, the most promising breakthroughs in medicine have come from the new field of immune-stimulating therapies. MGN-3's dramatic immune- boosting effects have far-reaching implications for treatment and prevention because NK cells and T- and B-celis are vital. If you visualize the immune system as an "army" of over 130 subtypes of white blood cells, you can consider the NK cells the "elite troops." NK cells are the front line of defense, specially equipped to locate and to kill disease cells. T- and B-cells are responsible for producing antibodies and cytokines that rally the rest of the immune system to join the battle.

Studies conducted in the United States, published in the International Journal of Immunology and presented at the Association of Abnormal Growth Research and the International Conference on AIDS, show that MGN-3 can enhance NK cell activity by more than 300%, increase the activity of B-cells by 250% or greater, and boost T-cell activity by 200%.

The only natural immune complex that:
* Is proven to triple natural killer (NK) cell protection.*
* Significantly enhances B-cell & T-cell activity.*
* Provides double the published NK-cell efficacy of the next most advanced mushroom extracts

Take1 capsules daily with meals

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