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BioTecture Garcinia Cambogia Weight Loss Supplement - 60 Capsules

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The best supplement for accelerating weight loss, with 60% HCA. We are proud to offer the highest quality products made in the USA under strict standards. 100% money back guarantee, no questions asked - buy at a premium price to start the journey to a new you!

  • GET YOUR DREAM BODY! Sometimes it is near impossible to shed those extra pounds. These miracle weight loss pills can help you whether you're fit with a bit of flab or overweight to show off your muscles and remove those problem areas with its fat burning ability.


  • NO MORE FLAB! Say goodbye to those flabby, soft areas you can't firm up. Natural Garcinia Cambogia extract blocks fat from being stored in your body because of the HCA it contains, which means you will lose more weight without having to suffer for it.


  • ABSOLUTELY SAFE! BioTecture's live well supplements are all made in the US. Very strict guidelines by GMP are used during the manufacturing process, to ensure that you receive the highest quality, pure products. Ideal for both women and men.

Follow these guidelines for best results: 1. Take two capsules twice a day. 2. Best taken 30 minutes before your morning and evening meal. 3. Consume with 8oz of pure water (no other liquids or foods). Remember: Don't exceed 4 capsules per 24 hours. This is a potent supplement.

Each capsule of our Garcinia Cambogia supplement contains: Garcinia Cambogia extract complex (80% HCA - hydroxycitric acid), 1400mg; Calcium (Calcium Carbonate), 70mg; Potassium (Potassium Chloride), 70mg; Chromium, 280mcg; Vegetable cellulose (veggie caps), ideal for vegetarians

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