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BioTecture - DHA Support Brain & Memory - 60 Softgels

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DHA Softgels with Lemon Flavor Dietary Supplement. Maintains Cardiovascular Health, helps Increase Brain Activity, Works to Improve Memory and brain

SUPPORTS BRAIN FUNCTION! DHA is an important part of brain cell structure. This supplement ensure your body gets enough DHA to keep your brain in excellent condition.

  • IMPROVES HEART HEALTH! This supplement may help reduce triglyceride levels in your blood, which helps your heart stay healthier and protects it from possible long term damage.


  • GREAT FOR YOUR JOINTS! DHA is a natural fatty acid that helps your body build and keep your joints in good condition. There are absolutely no side effects, just nutritional health benefits.


  • HIGHEST QUALITY SUPPLEMENT! BioTecture produces all its supplements in the US, using only the highest grade ingredients to ensure you receive the quality and benefits you deserve.

DHA Supplement for a Healthier Mind and Body

DHA is an essential fatty acid our body needs to build brain cells and to regulate triglyceride levels in our blood. It is naturally found in fatty fish, but most US citizens have deficient diets when it comes to this important nutrient.

This is why taking a DHA supplement can ensure that you enjoy the benefits of this natural, pure health booster every single day. With DHA your body will be able to produce and protect brain cells at optimal levels and to lower your triglyceride levels, which protects your heart from future damage.

Living Longer with the Help of Nature

There is nothing foreign or artificial about our DHA supplement. These capsules offer you a simple nutrient that our bodies naturally should consume in a diet rich in fish and certain nuts. This means that there are no side effects in taking this supplement and you simply enjoy the benefits of a better nutrition. It is always advised to couple a supplement with better dietary habits and a sufficient exercise regime for optimal health results.

take 1 softgel daily as dietary supplement with meal.

Our company produces all its supplement in the US under the strictest GMP manufacturing rules. Only the highest grade ingredients are used, to ensure that each and every bottle delivers to you the excellence we demand and you deserve!

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